Your data, safely
stored in cloud,

available anytime, anywhere.


Encryption, redundancy, high availability, data under EU legislation.


Automatic synchronization of libraries and files, concurrent team work.


Only 9,99EUR+VAT for 50GB of space and 9EUR+VAT for subscription monthly.

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Important properties

Service is completly highly available because it is hosted on our public cloud.

Safe usage

Data gets encrypted on users side and is synchronized with cloud in its encrypted form.

Files and libraries and their full revision history for desired number of days are stored in cloud and available at anytime.

Your data is, in enterprise edition, kept in at least 4 concurrent copies on more than one NAS.

Data is stored in our centers located in EU, it's handeling is therefore subordinate to EU legislation.

We can also place this service anywhere, including your own local servers and/or any other location.

Simplicity of use

Personal assistance over phone, e-mail, chat programs or via remote desktop.

Local librarries with your data are automatically synchronized with libraries/data in cloud.

Native clients are available for Windows, Linux, OSX, Android and iOS.

Web interface is also available for accessing your data from anywhere and at anytime.

Possibility of concurrent teamwork on same files and libraries and sharing your work with anyone you wish.

Inexpensive solution

With minimal subscription fee (9EUR+VAT per user per month or 18EUR+VAT for up to 5 users) your data becomes protected and indestructible.

Subscriptions includes also personal help and monthly transfer of 44GB per every 10GB of paid space.

Low costs for enterprise solution, because maintenance cost get split amongst all the users.

Full control over expenses, which grow with your needs.

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